Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Worldwide

It’s time for another monthly installment of our Tubefilter Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Chart and a very familiar channel is back on top.

Chart Toppers

Felix Kjellberg‘s PewDiePie channel is back in the #1 spot after a brief stint in the second place position. The twentysomething Swedish gamer’s prolific online video collection of primarily Let’s Play videos that now has well over 36 million subscribers scored more than 351.8 million views during the 30 days of April. TheDiamondMinecart wasn’t too far behind. Great Britain’s most viewed YouTube gaming channel saw a slight 4% dip in its view count to end the 30-day month with more than 290.4 million of them.

PopularMMOs maintained its third-place spot. The top gaming channel from the U.S. received a 4% increase in its view count to close out the month with more than 285.3 million views. Up next is markiplierGAME. The second U.S.-based gamer in the Top 100 took a 10% hit in its view count to bottom out with 221.9 million views on the month.

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