Monday, November 23, 2015

The Gaming Press’s Diversity Warriors Are All Talk and No Trousers

This week the gaming press and technology blogs have put out more than twenty articles about the controversy surrounding the 2016 SXSW Interactive festival. I can hear them slapping each other on the back for their incredible bravery all the way over here in London.

The cold hard truth is that the social justice warriors the media props up as champions of diversity in the industry will never accomplish great things in gaming. They uniformly lack the skill and dedication to create great games, which makes their choice to focus all of their energy on diversity, authoritarianism, and third-wave intersectional feminism logical, albeit odious.

But what the games press doesn’t discuss is actually much more interesting and important than what they do. Several weeks ago the Entertainment Software Association Foundation announced scholarships for thirty women and minority students interested in entering the games industry. It boggles the mind that the gaming industry itself devoting $90,000 to kick-start the careers of thirty young women and men would not be newsworthy to writers that are seemingly obsessed with diversity.

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